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Who would not want to get his hands on the classiest product introduced by Apple – iPad, which sits at the top of the tablet community. Having giant screens and cool features makes it a talk of the town. I don’t want to vanish away anywhere shortly.

An iPad is a full-fledged business tool that helps you in getting more serious and dedicated towards work and increases your productivity. All the products in the market launches with their respective flaws so let's throw some light on its pros and cons:

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Booming technology: The product not only lead in sales but has kept itself at the peak of the technology bar. This was the first-ever tablet to be launched in a 64-bits processor and if in case, you figure out some issue in the performance of your iPad, you just have to get in touch with an expert at iPad helpline number to further assistance. An iPad is so compatible that it can surely let you keep your laptops in the storeroom.

App Store:of the applications on the app store are made keeping iPad in mind, which are relatively less in cost or free. Meanwhile, on the PC, anything less than $30 isn’t worth the price of the packaging.

Works nicely with iPhone and Apple TV: iPad works amazing with any Apple products. This allows you to share apps between iPad and iPhone, iCloud Photo Library features even blend well together. Apple TV can be easily connected wirelessly to the iPad with the help of Airplay.

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Cost: Yes, wonder why is it necessary to enter the expensive Apple ecosystem, when Android offers a 7-inch tablet for less money. But let me tell you this, you can’t do much work other than browsing on the Android tablet and that’s okay for a set of customers.

Less Storage: iPad forces you to erase out music, movies, and apps if in case you run out of storage space. iPad doesn’t provide you any external space or cloud storage to store the apps, which makes it more limited than some Android tablets. You may contact the iPad helpline number for brief knowledge about the product and its overall review.